Azure Dark Line Shisha Tobacco 250g Grow A Pear

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he dark leaf popularity is still buzzing in the hookah community as we introduce to you a new taste for your next session. These buzzy blends are handcrafted in California under strict guidelines to achieve great quality in small batches.

This collection is pretty easy to store because the 250g flavor pouches are resealable and very malleable. Once you tear off the top strip the aroma billows out instantly and flavors like San Diego Sunrise or Bermuda Mint will cause a quick head turn from the strength. In a good way.

The Azure Black Line uses a dark leaf tobacco for their blends that provides a stronger buzz and heavier flavor profile. It is not recommended for new hookah fans.

How-To Prepare Azure Tobacco

The 250g pouch contains a fine cut tobacco that performs best with a quick squeeze to the outer bag, mixing up the juice content.

Afterwards, Fill your bowl to right under the rim line with a sprinkling method. Tap the shisha down slightly and add more with a sprinkle if a stronger smoke session is desired. We didn't feel the need to dense pack this like a bowl of Tangiers, but we won't steer you away from anything that's working for you.

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