Khalil Mamoon Shabah Silk (1 hose) Hookah

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KM-Shabah -Silk

Say hello to one of the great Khalil Mamoon's hits, the Shabah Silk Hookah. This hookah comes in at 32" of high quality stainless steel, adorned with intricately designed gold plate and copper bands around the various tiers of the stem. The name "Silk" comes from the old KM silk butterfly coal trays; the coal tray on this hookah is a thing of beauty, with another gold plated band around the circumference in addition to the regular KM stamp inside the tray. Your KM Shabah Silk will come with your choice of either a blue, green, or red KM hookah hose.

Khalil Mamoon is one of the most highly regarded and most well known names in the hookah world, be assured that your Shabah Silk is going to give you a high quality smoking experience. The striped base is large enough to contain a good amount of smoke. The gauge on the downstem is designed to give you a more traditional style smoking experience, which includes a slightly restricted flow. If that's not your style, no worries! Put a hookah diffuser on the gauge to give you a perfectly smooth pull and to damped the rumble as you rip some massive clouds.
Your Shabah Silk's stainless steel composition gives it two awesome perks, first being that stainless steel will not retain those really powerful flavors from some of those shisha flavors you're smoking. One quick clean and your Shabah Silk will be ready to go for your next smoking session. Secondly, the high quality stainless steel is durable, it will help give your hookah a long life.
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