Shika Pen Pen Hookah (1 hose)

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The smallest addition to the Shika family goes by the name Pen Pen, and standing at 16.5" it's perfect for the desktop or travelling with style. The Pen Pen model is crafted with the use of a solid Brass metal, so despite the overall size it still provides you with a heavier hookah in comparison to stems at a similar height. The Pen Pen is available in three colors Blue, Red, and Black, with an assortment of matching colored accessories:
  • Shika Oblivion phunnel bowl
  • Shika Typhoon washable hookah hose
  • Electroplated coal tray Sonson or Mandala 
  • Shika electro baked jumbo glass base
  • Shika large electroplated tongs
The Shika Pen Pen received the latest style of electroplated finishes that provides a sleek blue or red shine, or a bold matte black finish. These new finishes can be cleaned easily with a quick rinse of the exterior, and should not be cleaned with any abrasive pads or tarnish remover. We know you'll be really sad if you removed any of part of that glorious paint job.
The accompanying jumbo style base allows for a great amount of smoke to build up for a thunder cloud session, and features multiple shimmering gold bands. When it comes time to clear out the smoke from your base, the multiple holes within the purge valve cap allow for quick and effortless purge. So grab your favorite flavor and get down with the mini giant! 
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